Central Fiscal Service


Central Fiscal Service

Central Fiscal Service is a debt collection agency based in Los Angeles, California. However, they strive to stand out in their industry as something more, working hard to build lasting partnerships and drive results. While it can be a challenging industry, Central Fiscal Service is customer-oriented and results-driven, helping foster good-natured financial resolution for everyone involved.

In 2013, Central Fiscal Service was created by a group of financial services professionals with similar ideals and goals. Together, they have over 50 years of combined experience, which they put to work finding lasting solutions rather than putting band-aids over larger problems. They partner with businesses to manage unpaid receivables, connecting with clients to improve business cash flow and ensure creditors and lenders get the help they need.

Central Fiscal Service has six key characteristics: they are scalable, goal-driven, responsive, and objective, and they provide a tailored experience for their clients while maintaining confidentiality. They are flexible and willing to adjust their approach depending on the immediate needs of the businesses they work with. Central Fiscal Service knows that privacy is key when dealing with debt collecting, so confidentiality is always of top priority in their business practices. In all their interactions, they strive to be honest and approachable, ensuring nothing is sugar-coated and all questions are answered.

Within the financial services industry, Central Fiscal Service provides three primary services: debt collection, location services, and consumer services. With a simple portal, clients can easily add and monitor accounts in the Central Fiscal Service database, tracking progress and acquiring funds quickly. Through its location services, the company is able to help other businesses locate debtors who may have moved or changed their contact information. This aids businesses in resolving unpaid accounts quickly and ensures they have accurate information on file. Finally, through consumer services, Central Fiscal Services helps consumers understand their bills and navigate the resolution process.

One of the benefits of partnering with Central Fiscal Service to help manage unpaid debts is that it allows businesses to maintain a more positive relationship with their customers. Central Fiscal Service ensures businesses get the unpaid debt they are due while minimizing damage to their reputation. Depending on individual needs and circumstances, Central Fiscal Service can help businesses resolve accounts through various strategies. This can include portfolio acquisition, percentage-based collections, and legal collections.

When it comes to managing outstanding payments, Central Fiscal Service always strives to be a straightforward and honest resource for businesses in need.